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August 15, 2012
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Dearly beloved by MissKimmyChaotic Dearly beloved by MissKimmyChaotic

This picture is a collab with my dear :iconkiwivermicide: She drew the ghoul and I drew the manster x3

If it wasn't obvious already, these two charries here are the babies of two of our couples. Namely Entropi/Mila and Cyprian/Kalli. They don't have kids yet at this point in time, but it's fun draw them out already anyway XD
They both still need names and clothes so that's something you will know about when their full body pictures are finished.
For now I'll just give you a little bit info about them (Kiwi pretty much figured all of this out :3: ).

Entropi and Mila's son is extremely smart but lacks the motivation to do anything. He's rather lazy and only uses his brain when he is trying to get out of a lie. He likes to hang out at the arcade when it is late. He likes to keep away from crowds because he feels as though he can feel the ignorance roaming around the air, trying to annoy him.
He's constantly hungry, finding himself eating all the time and he had to figure out why on his own because his parents failed to mention that he is a mix of two types of monsters that love to consume energy from different resources. He needs to consume it from those two different resources other than food. And, he will, until he has sex, only be able to take it from the forest.

He has Mila's skintone with the red tips on his ears and fingers and such, and also on his tail. Yes, he will have the infamous Ccubus tail XD. He has the eyes of Entropi's mother. His horns, ears and hairstyle are a mix of both his parents'. Oh and nope, he isn't wearing makeup. That's just how his skin tone is.

About Cyprian and Kalli's daughter; There were extreme complications when giving birth to her. The reason why is because her parents are both such different type of monster races. The Keres already have such a hard time with giving birth to a child of their own race because they pretty much get consumed by their blood lust. Kalli's mom killed her own husband because of it. She wouldn't have made it though the pregnancy if she hadn't. Obviously, Kalli turns out to be stronger then her and was able to control herself a bit but that had it's price. Their daughter turned out to be a mute. She does have a great sense of hearing and seeing though. She also likes to go into hiding when her parents are arguing. Kalli is going to have some trouble with loving her mostly because she never really was fond of children to begin with and she also doesn't approve of the clothing style her daughter seems to prefer. But you'll see what that is later XP

She has Cyprian's skintone and Kalli's ears. Everything else is a mix of both her parents.

Kiwi came up with the title for this deviation to. And it fits seeing how both these babies' parents aren't very good parents. But I think only the people who really know the charries will get that. This description is already way to long to expend on that anyway lol XD

Entropi Ccubus, Cyprian Procházka © :iconkiwivermicide:
Mila Lesovik, Kalligeneia © :iconmisskimmychaotic:
Monster High © Mattel Inc
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