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May 21, 2011
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January 22

I never was much of a writer but lately I have been having so many thoughts that I really need to put them down somewhere. So Ghoulia suggested that I should get a diary and it seems that I'm following her advice since I'm writing this. Oops, I just remembered that I have to go to fearleading practice with Pranky and Sandi! I'll try to write more tomorrow.

January 24

Oh I just got this diary and I already skipped a day! I know I said I would write something yesterday but it was my 17th birthday so you can't blame me. Well, technically it wasn't my 17th birthday but my 170th one. 170 sounds kind of old, so every year I just say that I turned 17. Anyway, Willow and Abbey threw me a birthday party and it was fabulous! I had bunny shaped cake with strawberry filling. I'm lucky to have such great friends who know me so well! Of course I also got tons of presents but the best one came from my mom. She gave me the cutest albino bunny. I named him Doomsday and gave him a bow to match mine. You should have seen the look on my father's face! He really dislikes bunnies. He always says that being seen with such a cute pet will tear his ego down. But since my mom gave it to me, there's nothing he can do about it. Doomsday's here to stay!

February 1

I stayed up all night talking with Bo and Ghoulia. We where thinking about having a scary slumber party at my house. My dad might have some issues with that but I'll just ask my mom and he'd have to let me go through with it. It's a good things he listens so well to my mom. I'm going to the Maul tomorrow with Bo to buy myself a new PJ. A girl's gotta spoil herself once in a while right?

February 2

Today was so much fun! A trip to the Maul can really brighten up your week. I found the cutest PJ, it has blue strawberries on it. In other words, it's perfect for me. I know the scary slumber party is still a month away from now but a ghoul's gotta be prepared!

February 7

When I look around at school, I sometimes get the feeling that I'm a bit lonely. I see Cleo and Deuce together and Lagoona and Gill, and then I think to myself "Grace, you have to find yourself a boyfriend". But, so far no manster at school really interests me. I know, I always fall for the wrong type, the bad boys. I can't help it, I just need someone who can send a shiver down my spine.

February 14

Lately my dad has been bugging me about my grades, I'm failing at my clawculus class and he thinks that I need to find a tutor. It's either that or let him teach me the tips and tricks of his job. He really wants me to follow in his footsteps but I'm just not ready to spent all day taking care of that stupid death list. Luckily my ghoul Ghoulia is the smartest ghoul in school and she's ready to help me anytime. I know I can always count on her!

February 27

I heard the most exciting rumor today! It appears that we have a new student at monster high. A couple of ghouls say that he's a real playboy but I have to check him out for myself before I can judge him. I'll have to keep my eyes open tomorrow and look for him.

February 28

Well the rumors were true, there really is a new manster. I saw him walking down the hall and he's totally my type. His name is D'Mitri Stones and I know I've said that I like the bad boys but there's something about him that scares me a little... Knowing me, I probably can't resist and talk to him anyway.

March 1

I did it, I finally got the nerve to talk to him! I didn't want him to notice that I was a little nervous so I put up this confident girl act. I thought to myself "c'mon Grace, you can do it! Just talk to him". And 5 seconds later I started walking in his direction. When I reached him the first thing that came out of my mouth was 'Hi handsome'. We started flirting with each other and he ended up asking me out on a date! I know he is a playboy, but I'd like to think that I may be able to tame him a bit. D'Mitri is a Soucouyant and they are known for not being afraid to drink someone's blood. I guess that's why he gave off a bit of an evil aura. But he can't hurt me...and even if he has urges, him attacking me wouldn't be a problem cause I can't die. I'm still an immortal after all. And I'm really looking forward to our date!
Oh and instead of daydreaming I should get things ready for the scary slumber party tomorrow!! Now where is that adorable PJ I bought?

March 2

My date with D'Mitri went so well! I decided to wear my Dawn of the Dance outfit (cause I really wanted to look at my best) and he did seem to enjoy it that I went through the effort of dressing up. We ended up breaking into the school at night to have a little bit of innocent fun. I suggested that we should enter through the front door...but being the risky manster he is, he took me by the hand and led me around back where he broke a window for me. Even a day later, I'm still in awe by his cool actions. While we where there, we also searched for the answers of our upcoming clawculus test and took a picture of it. I know, I's wrong to do that but I really hate that subject and I'm failing at it so I had to! Due to my clumsiness (or the fact that I wore high heels), I suddenly tripped and ended up lying on top of him. Of course my face turned as red as a tomato, but luckily for me, it was really dark so he couldn't see it. It got a bit steamy for a moment but in the end, nothing really happened. Later I decided we should end our date in style by walking out through the front door. While we where on the stairs I stopped because I couldn't take it anymore, I gathered up my confidence and asked him if I could get a goodnight kiss. He leaned closer to me and I thought that I was really going to get it, but he just gave me a little teasing kiss. Ah well, it was a start. I guess I knew what I was getting myself into by dating such a manster. When I look back at it, I do feel that I got a little bit closer to him. Anyway, I really should get ready for school now or else I'm going to be late. Speaking of school...I will probably see D'Mitri there to. Ghaaa! Why do I always blush and get nervous whenever I see him? This will be a reminder that I will have to act normal and keep my cool. I guess I really am falling for him....hard. Oh,almost forgot! Party tonight with my ghouls!
EDIT: Added a new entry! :D

I have been thinking of writing Grace's diary for some time now...but since I never really thought of myself as a great writer, I didn't really have to confidence to start it. And as you can see, I finally did! I'm really happy that I made this cause now you get a better picture of her personality ^^
I might edit this later when I think of some new things to write but for the moment I'm to tired to even check for spelling mistakes lol XD

Some extra info:
Grace is the daughter of the Grim Reaper.
Her father, the grim reaper, fell in love with a human who was on his 'list', but because of his feelings for her he cheated with the death list and let her live.
Grace is an immortal like her father but she still has human blood running through her veins.
She is a real sweetheart but once she makes up her mind about what she wants, she'll do anything to get it. Grace and I share the same birthday, 23 January ;P
Her father wanted her to learn the tips and tricks of his job but she felt that she wasn't ready for it yet so they both agreed that it would be best to let her attend school first. He hopes that once she finishes school she would be ready to learn everything and take over his job. But since she isn't exactly a daddy's girl, it will probably have to take some more time before she will accept his proposal and follow his footsteps.

She currently has a huge crush on :iconmidorinudeul:'s manster D'Mitri Stones :love:

Other characters who appear in her diary:
:iconjackanddannysgirl:'s ghoul Bo Geyman
:iconhasana-chan:'s ghoul Pranky Geist
:icongothickitta:'s ghoul Sandi Manning
:iconchamomilecatastrophe:'s ghoul Willow Wisp
:iconmidorinudeul:'s manster D'Mitri Stones

The base I used for the diary is by :iconjackanddannysgirl:: [link]
Grace Reaper © misskimberlychaotic (MissKitten)
Monster High © Mattel Inc
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