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November 28, 2011
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Sverrir UtLagi bio by MissKimmyChaotic Sverrir UtLagi bio by MissKimmyChaotic

EDIT: Final update to his profile. For now XD I had to switch some things around so if he's friends with your OC and they're not on it, just imagine that they're on the next page or something lol.

What's this? I finally finished Sverrir's profile? Omg no way! :rofl: I'm not sure if this is his basic look or school's out one but for now, this will be his SO one. If I ever do draw out a SO look for him then this will become his basic look. XD

I had to do quite a bit of research for this so I'll start by explaining some things.
Sverrir the son of the Garmr (Hell Hound) check the link for more information about his monster parent ---> [link]
His name is Norse, Sverrir was originally a byname for a restless person, derived from the word sverra ("to spin, swing, swirl"), hence "wild, restless". And ŮtLagi means "outlaw".
The reason why I added chains and blood spatters on his profile is because the Garmr is described as a blood-stained watchdog and is often seen chained near Hell's gate.
On to his pet Tanngrisnir. Tanngrisnir is actually also the name of one of Thor's goats. Apparently, the Garmr and Thor are enemies, so I thought it would be fun to make that his pet. It's actually the perfect pet for him since the Garmr lives in Gnipahellir (he mentions this in the description), a mountaintop cave which leads to Niflheim (also known as Helheim, or Hell).

Due to the resizing, the picture of his pet, skull and food have lost most of it's detail. Here's a full view for those who are interested. [link] (Yep I even drew that pesky food of him @u@ )

Extra info about Garmr (Garm)
Garm, Hela's enormous dog-guard, lives in the cave Gnipahellir. He is an eight-foot-tall black hound with glowing eyes. It is important not to underestimate Garm. While he may act like a big dog - vicious and dangerous or friendly depending on who you are - it's an act. There is as much intelligence in Garm as in any other of Helheim's guards. Garm seems to be on a general patrol around the borders of Helheim, meaning that he could be anywhere at any point. He will probably decide if you should enter based on a sniff or two. Don't ask us what he's sniffing for; we don't know.

The 'BHF' button stands for Beast-Hood Friends. For those monsters your character has known since they were little beasties! *JadeJeebie came up with this one.
That concludes the end of my rambling lol.

Cyprian Procházka © :iconkiwivermicide:
Chara Charcules © :iconjadejeebie:
Argent Snow © :iconkiyoshiko:
Lucky © :iconcemejeva:
Alle Al Gaethers © :iconqba016:
Torirr © :iconsiedlce:
Sverrir ŮtLagi © :iconmisskimmychaotic:
Monster High © Mattel Inc
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Amazingly cool >w<
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Hey he's super cool! I would love it if I OC could be friends (or ghoulfriend ) with him > this is her! I hope you say yes
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i love :) <3
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Awesome OC dude. Marnie would love hanging out with him. Maybe they could be….
If not that's cool. Marnie would think he's a cool guy either way. Great job. ;)
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I can see one of my ocs crushing over him. Oh my god. XD
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I love how unique you make all of your OCs. I had no idea what a Garmr was but because you made Sverrir and other monsters with unique monster parents I've been learning so much! :)
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Awesome but what does BHF mean?
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I keep seeing these and there awesome , but where are you making them?!?!?!
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